9 Creative and Fun Garden Projects

Gardening and homesteading isn’t all about work-work-work.

As aspiring homesteaders, we LOVE tending to our plants, and we yearn for that feeling of accomplishment when we’ve successfully grown our food.

For us, the health of our garden and backyard is important, but we also take the time out to beautify it. Our next fun project includes painting our cinder block planter [that holds our lemon and orange tree] with a Nintendo 8-bit theme. Mario seems the obvious character, but we’re thinking of ditching the plumber and going with Megaman instead 🙂

Check out DIY Home Sweet Home’s list of 9 creative and fun garden ideas!

9 Creative Garden Ideas

Source Ana White Homemaker

Source Ana White Homemaker

Some of the projects you’ll find on this list include this awesome barn greenhouse. This beauty puts our proposed hoop greenhouse plans to shame!

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