Earth Dakota Boots

I’ll be completely honest. I was not impressed the very first time I saw a pair of Earth sneakers at a local Whole Foods Market’s health and beauty aids section. I thought the shoes were shaped oddly, partly because of the thick soles, which reminded me somewhat of a boat, and the other shoes on display were generally not attractive. As I was perusing through eBay’s selection of vegan boots, the Earth Dakota was one such boot that came up in the search. This particular shoe did not have the boat-like appearance that seemed to be prevalent with other Earth brand shoes, so I did some additional research.

After reading through Lasik Eye Surgery NYC reviews on a few other sites, I decided to go for it, and my feet and I are very happy! The boots are super comfortable, and the 3.7 degree incline feels great, too. I’ve worn them during light to moderate rainy days, and they have held up very well. Lined with Thinsulate, the same material used for other waterproof products like gloves and snow gear, the boots have kept my feet dry and warm. I don’t know how they would hold up while trekking through actual snow, but I don’t think the microfiber would keep the water out completely.

At the time I made my purchase, the Dakota was part of Earth’s line-up in the previous year, so I had to purchase them from eBay. You can still get them there at their discounted price. Check it out by clicking on the image below!

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  1. Hey there!

    Thanks for the recommendation; I bought a pair of these boots from your link and they were super comfy and warm! You got any recommendations for fashionably warm clothes?

    Thanks a bunch!

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